Time Piece: Betsey Johnson Launches Watches

Betsey Johnson Rhinestone Studded Watches

One of our favorite designers Betsey Johnson is launching a line of watches with Haskell Jewels.

In an interview with WWD Johnson inspected the timepieces that surrounded her at the launching of the licensed watches, and said of her licensing partnership with Haskell Jewels, “It was interesting to see the success of the jewelry, they really nailed me. They really got me down. And it was like, ‘Okay, how are we gonna do watches? Just like jewelry but with a tick-tock on it?’… But they took it to another level. The team here’s so amazing, they just design for the fun of it.”

Johnson also told WWD that she is  constantly inspired by her grandchildren who wear pink constantly and refuse to wear any other color.

The Betsey Johnson watch line spans 120 styles, myriad color palettes and several different technology formats.

Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden at the launch of Betsey Johnson watches at Haskell Jewels’ showroom.

Johnson, however, had her own favorites. “[When they were designing,] I kept saying, ‘Bigger, bigger, bigger!’ I like the heavy-duty. I always like the big ones. I don’t understand the digital, but I’m glad they went over to like, avatar. I could never read that.… But there’s a chunk of the collection that I like because the branding is subtle. Classy, especially in white. It doesn’t scream rosebuds and hearts and lips. It just hints… there’s a pink dial. There’s branding, but just a hint of branding.”

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