Tips: Avoid A Powdered Photo Fail

While an unfortunate powder mishap hardly diminishes Angelina Jolie’s beauty, I’m sure it was a bummer for her and her makeup artist. Last night’s premiere of The Normal Heart was overshadowed by the media’s attention to the actresses over-zealous dusting of powder on the red carpet. ┬áIt’s likely, the powder looked fine in person, but add flash photography and you’ve got a match for a powder keg (sorry) of photo FAIL. Of course, you don’t want the opposite, a too shiny complexion, but sticking with light powders and blending like mad when there are apt to be photos is a pretty good fail safe.

Of course, Angie is in good company with other stars who’ve been spotted after an overly liberal peppering of powder. She joins the ranks of Nicole Kidman, Jon Hamm, and Eva Longoria. Just a friendly reminder for an age when all the world truly is a stage.

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