Tips: Raid your boyfriend’s closet for fall

Slouchy jeans. Belt-slung shorts. Oversize button up shirts. It’s officially in fashion to raid your boyfriend’s closet. Which means more for you (and less for him… but never mind that.) Today’s tip is about the merits of swiping your boyfriends favorite wears for yourself — and looking absolutely fabulous doing it.

Your BF’s jeans, hanging precariously off the hip, are the perfect compliment to a tucked crisp T-shirt. Simply roll the cuff and pair with a sexy heeled sandal and you’ve got a great going out look that’s not to casual to be chic. Shorts are the same — the slouch is sexy and urban, with a cool display of leg perfect for showing off the latest in your shoe collection.

It’s hard not to see the promise of your BF’s button-ups, particularly when tied at the waist. And let’s not forget the magic of your boyfriend’s sweater, which makes a great pairing with skinny jeans or over a floral dress.

Who needs to go on a shopping spree when your boyfriend closet is so obviously ripe for the picking!

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