Tis The Season For A Groomed Statement Brow

After last weeks exploration on how-to attain an exquisite set of eyelashes, it seems only fitting that we direct our focus to that eye frame slightly north of the peeper — the eyebrow.

The Brooke Sheilds of the current generation’s eyebrow envy, 21 year-old model Cara Delevingne’s bold brow is the must-have accessory for fall.  And since Google recently made it official by announcing that once oft-searched words like ‘tweezing’ and ‘eyebrow plucking’ have been replaced by ‘statement brow’ and ‘fuller eyebrow,’ it seems it’s time we all got on board.  Once plucked into near nothingness, the modern eyebrow is full and fabulous — but, for heaven’s sake, that doesn’t mean un-groomed.

If you’ve already grown out your brows, or have never had them professionally shaped — it would be a worthwhile expenditure.  Makeup artist Sage Maitri (Alexa Chung, Camilla Belle) recommends finding pictures in magazines of brows you admire and bringing them with you to your appointment.  A good eyebrow stylist will help direct you to the right arch shape for your face and then all you have to do it maintain her/his handiwork.

If simply must do it yourself, here are some rules of thumb.

1.  When it comes to tweezing, use your eyeball as a guide.  Line up the handle of a makeup brush on the outer edge of your iris — wherever it hits is where your natural arch should be.  Using slanted tweezers, go ahead and clean up any strays, but beware over-plucking.  Practice some restraint, ladies.  Do not tweeze past your brows starting point (the inner corner of the eye,) and be aware that if you tweeze the ends, they will likely never grow back.

2.  Once you’ve put the tweezers aside, focus on filling your brow with a powder and an angled brush, or a pencil.  If you’re cursed with rather sparse brows you can create the shape of your brow with a powder, and then, use a very thin pencil and light, feathery strokes to create the illusion of real hairs.

3.  Use a bristly spoolie brush to brush out any excess pigment and avoid too dark a brow or too obvious an application. A soft look is what you’re after, and a once over with the aforementioned spoolie with soften any heavy handedness.

4.  A final swipe a transparent eyebrow gel (pigmented gels can get a little messy and obvious) over your brow — and you’re ready to go.



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