Tom Brady’s “Ugg” Commercial

When we think of Ugg Boots what is the first thing that comes to mind? I usually think of high shool girls that hang out at the mall- what I don’t think of is Tom Brady and Most Def. Ugg is apparently shifting their marketing direction and trying to target a new demographic.

Last year in an unexpected turn The Australian shoe company decided to name Football star, Tom Brady the face of their line.  In Uggs most recent commercial, Brady is shown walking, running, playing with his dog, etc. while wearing different forms of men’s shoes designed by Ugg, to the soundtrack of Most Def. This is definitely a different approach, seeing as the commercial comes off as rugged and very masculine when we are used to seeing the brand being synonymous with women. Now that I think of it, it is also a little weird for an Australian brand in general to specialize in extra warm snow boots- when I think of Australia, snow definitely isn’t the image that comes to mind… Anyhow, I wonder if this shift in direction, even with these two very relatable and sellable stars used in the commercial, will be successful. I suppose we will see how successful it is after the commercial airs (see here) during the first night of Monday Night Football.

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