Tragedy and Triumph – Amy Winehouse

Let’s face it. We all know that Amy Winehouse had her demons. We couldn’t go for very long without hearing her name in the news or seeing another one of her personal life disasters make it’s way across the sites of gossip blogs. The girl had issues, both drug related and personal. As much as we admired her sultry voice as she seduced us with her music, we also felt for the¬†despair¬†which was her existence.

Winehouse was caught up and although we prayed for her return to the limelight, last week, she was found dead at the age of 27. The social media world mourned for her loss in the hope that the rumor was truly just a hoax and our favorite “Rehab” songstress was in fact very much alive.

But we won’t hear Winehouse croon out another song. We won’t speculate whether or not she was going to get the help she needed or if she would become the biggest and greatest star she was born to be.

Although her life was premature, her music will live on forever. We recognize the great talent that was Ms. Winehouse despite her pain, her troubles and her demons. Rest in Peace.

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