Treating redness with roses

There are plenty of benefits to working out — a well-toned body, mental health benefits, and the ability to leap buildings in a single bound — but after a strenuous run this morning I can think of one “benefit” that’s not so beneficial: a blotchy, red complexion. I’m one of the unfortunates whose skin shows the least little irritation or exertion in the form of red, blotchy and sometimes dry patches. You too? Read on.

Whether it’s genetics or a symptom of overexertion, a flushed, red complexion is all that’s required to muck up a perfectly good hair/ makeup/ outfit day. But there are a few perfectly simple ways to treat and correct unwanted redness without too much trouble.

Naturally, if you’re suffering from a serious case of rosacea, you’ll want to consult your doctor, but if you’re simply one of us pale, easily flushed people, the answers aren’t far from your local cosmetics counter.

There are plenty of products that are specifically geared towards treating redness, particularly anything that includes the natural D.I.Y. ingredient rose. Look for a gentle cleanser, preferably one that multi-tasks as a makeup remover, cleanser and toner all in one to relieve any irritation that’s there without drying your skin out. We also like to keep a cooling rosewater mist in the fridge — a small spritz on your face post-workout feels amazing and will help calm your skin too.

And speaking of roses, one great — and great smelling — answer is to invest in rose oil. Rose oil can help reduce the appearance of the broken capillaries that ’cause flushing. Simply place a few drops in the palm of your hand and gently apply to your face. (Bonus: the soft, natural shine left behind looks amazing without looking greasy.)

Important: Oil makes your skin more prone to sun damage, so don’t forget to apply your daily dose of SPF, as sun damage will only exacerbate the redness.



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