Trend Report: Cargo Pants

Pic: courtesy of GQ

I know when we think of cargo pants it doesn’t usually lead anywhere positive. It takes me to memories of being a kid in the 90′s and going to the local Old Navy. I think of unflattering, oversized pants with too many pockets. Like most trends from the 90′s that we have reincorporated into our modern wardrobe, the cargo pants have been reinvented. They still have a ton of pockets, and the colors haven’t changed, but they have new fits. They are slimmer fit and sit lower on the waist. They went from being my unflattering, baggy, middle school pants to being a clean and stylish option for my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Pair them with a nice blazer or a polo and you will be set. For now they are still a bit more difficult to find at a reasonable price since the fashion houses have started the trend, but ¬†for now check Uniqlo or Armani Exchange if they are available to you.

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