TRENDING: The Ear Cuff Comeback

Cara Delevingne

The past few seasons have been awash with nods to era-specific vintage fashions. From the 20′s drop-waisted flapper frocks, to the 80′s-inspired neon duds, so this whole 90′s insurgence of jelly sandals, crop tops and overalls aren’t a huge surprise. What does surprise us (just a touch) is how we possibly could have forgotten how cool that 90′s accessory-du-jour—the ear cuff—really was. Luckily the statement ear cuff is back to remind us… and judging from the red-carpet wins of such celebrity muses as Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, and Diane Kruger, we can guarantee you’re going to want one as much as we do. The latest must-have accessory is being rolled out in everything from 18K and diamonds, to the much more affordable crystal versions from such fast fashion staples as Urban Outfitters, so whether your budget is high-brow or low-on-funds… the ear cuff is one summer trend you’ll want to get in on.

Miranda Kerr


Kate Bosworth

Diane Kruger

Alicia Keyes

Michelle Williams

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