Trends: Hair gel has a moment

Hair gel has hightailed it out of Jersey and landed firmly in the land of haute couture.

Slicked back in the hairstyles of supermodels like Lara Stone, Daria Werbowy, and Suki Waterhouse in a spate of high fashion editorial spreads, or refining that fresh-from-the-shower look for Kiera Knightly’s W magazine cover, Sophia Coppola for Louis Vuitton and Jennifer Lopez’s spread for V magazine — hair gel is most assuredly having it’s “moment.”

Not convinced yet? Then let’s take our own moment to discuss the litany of hair sins a good hair gel (i.e. one that doesn’t flake or cake) can hide. Waiting for those bangs to grow out? Slick ‘em back. Frizz control? Check. Taming an unruly middle part into place? Check. Excessive split ends? Yes, you can gel those into place too.

Let’s face it — hair gel. It’s not just for frat boys and overstimulated Wall Street junkies anymore.

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