Trendsetting Tips: Pencil Skirt Party

If you had to pick just one staple in your oh-so-curated closet — one item that you simply could not do without, the answer is probably this season’s (and quite a few before it) go-to separate: the pencil skirt.  Universally flattering and always ready to go from boardroom to Bamm!, the pencil skirt is likely the most hardworking gal in your glamorous wardrobe, so let’s look at a few of our favorite and trend-setting ways to get more bang from your pencil skirt buck this fall/winter season.  And you didn’t think your pencil skirt could be any more versatile!

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova, Olivia Wilde, and Alexa Chung — all fashion muses in their own right — covet their pencil skirts, regularly giving them props in the MVP department, and all of them are known to spice up this classic by choosing a skirt with variations of sheer paneling, pretty patterns, and sexy embellishments like over-sized zippers and embroidery.  There’s no need to stick to the classic mono-color pencils when a full array of colors, prints and bling are at your fingertips.

Jamie Chung

Lily Aldridge and Alexa Chung made waves on recent red carpets and runway shows by pairing their pencils with variations of the crop top — think a leather bra-lette or a classic white button-up tied at the midriff.   The high waist band on the most modern pencil skirts allow for a little show-and-tell, without looking like you’ve got a touch too much 90′s teen spirit.’

And finally, leather — it’s so of-the-moment right now.  Appearing on everything from jackets, to tops, to shorts, to… yes… pencil skirts, leather is a great way to up the urban ante on what you’ll likely be wearing all season long.


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