Tuesday Tips: Fight Summer Frizz


Summer travel has made one thing crystal clear to me: a good west coast blowout is not equipped to withstand the east coasts 100% humidity.  We here at Posh Beauty.com aren’t about to stand for the frizzy, unkempt mess caused by elevated levels of moisture in the air, so today’s tips are aimed at keeping your polished hairstyle intact for longer than 5 minutes.

1. Preparation is key to avoiding humidity’s effect on your hair, so be sure to use a conditioner after you shampoo. Shampooing alone can create fluffy, flyaway strands, all ripe for absorbing the air’s moisture.

2. The tools you use are just as important as product, including a good blow dryer and brush.  Cheap blowdryers tend to be unable to maintain a good temperature and can overtime overheat your hair causing split ends. A brush with dense, uneven bristles, while more likely to tangle, is better equipped to grip the hair for greater tension, which results in a smoother and longer lasting blowout.

3. A great way to fight the frizz is to opt for a style that is more humidity friendly, like a super-trendy braid style, or a simple ponytail. Adding a hair wax into the mix, all over, or simply on the hairline, will keep your style in place and help control that annoying hairline frizz.

4. Never leave the house with wet hair. When the humidity level goes up, it’s important to get your strands under control before you leave the house.

5. And finally, don’t skimp on a final finishing product. A good serum can act as a “cling wrap” for your hair, repelling outside moisture from ruining your style. Finishing off the ends of your hair with serum or anti-frizz hairspray are just the thing to keep your strands in place.

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