Tuesday Tips: Keeping Colored Hair Healthy

From rich red to natural brunette, platinum blond to any number of spring’s trendy pastel hues — hair coloring has never been so of-the-moment as it is now. But it comes with a price, and that price is pining for the merits of your virginal locks before you jumped on the multi-hued bandwagon. Breakage, dull dry texture, and a less than lustrous appearance are the everyday struggles of ladies who hit the dye bottle a little to hard, so we thought we’d spend today’s blog highlighting (no pun intended) how to play with color while still managing to maintain the feel of healthy virginal hair.

Let’s start with your towel drying technique. While it seems like an easy enough task, most of us are doing it wrong—by wrong we mean wrapping our long locks up in a towel. Towel wrapped hair will cause breakage, your hair is simply too fragile to twist up in a bath towel. Instead, opt for a high-density organic cotton towel specifically geared towards gently drying the hair, or try drying your hair with a soft t-shirt.

Once you’ve managed to go from soaking wet strands to damp hair, consider using a BB cream to protect your hair from the elements and your heat-styling tools. A dime size application, combed from the ends to the roots will help restore hair density, eradicate frizz and seal in moisture. Look for a product that does double duty by also maintaining your hair color while still feeling like you’ve got nothing on your hair once it’s dry.

While heat styling is a leading cause of hair breakage, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, just do it correctly. Mist your hair a light, even coating of a heat protecting spray that will shield your strands from your blow dryers full blast of hot air. And while we’re on the subject of the actual air that’s doing the drying, stay away from using your dryers high-heat settings. A low heat is really all that’s necessary to do the job. Look for a ceramic dryer that distributes the heat evenly, or ionic dryers that diffuse negative ions to lock in moisture and eliminate static electricity.

Staying away from brushing your hair from roots to ends during drying will help stave off breakage caused by raking bristles through damp hair. Instead gently brush your hair from ends to roots with a boar-bristle brush to add a boost of shine without tearing and pulling.

Voila! Colored hair that looks as healthy as the day it was first dyed. It is possible to have it all!



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