Tummy Tuck or Nose Job? There’s An App For That

Have you been considering a cosmetic procedure but just a little too chicken to actually go and see doctor? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. You can now use your iphone to see how you would look post-surgery if you decided to go ahead and shell out the cash in pursuit of a higher level of beauty.

Here’s the description of the app from the makers of Body Plastika:

Don’t speculate on how you’d look after a nose job or liposuction – see it in pictures! Without going under the knife, visualize the results of your plastic surgery in seconds with this incredibly easy to use application designed by professionals in the aesthetic medical field.

You can get a preview from almost any part of your body including face, body, calves and even ankles. Yup. They’ve done it all. Not sure how this compares to actual in-office simulation but I’m sure you can have lots of fun re-creating your grill.

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