UGG Australia Comes to NYC Meatpacking District

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And you thought the ugly boot craze would eventually die out. Not yet my friends. Those warm, too good to be true UGG boots you whipped out of storage for cold winter weather, aren’t just for the fashion obsessed who frequent the stands and bistros in NYC’s SOHO neighborhood. The store has found a home in the Meatpacking District among other trendy stores like Lulu Lemon, Patagonia and Apple.

Ugg president Connie Rishwain says of the neighborhood: “It reminded me of Soho when we chose Soho six years ago. Apple was going in around the corner. We were early to open in Soho when we did.”

In addition to fighting for tourist attention in the streets of NYC looks like UGG is also fighting the black market. According to Brand Chanel, UGG is fighting knock-offs and encouraging consumers to look out for counterfeit versions, reminding in a press release that “buying counterfeit products has a significant impact on the global economy, eliminating tens of thousands of jobs with legitimate businesses and costing the worldwide economy an estimated $600 billion of revenue a year.”

Nonetheless, UGG is still going strong and there’s no way you can fake the great fit and warmth of these boots — a necessity in east coast winter weather. Have you taken the trip to the Meatpacking District to shop for your UGGs?

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