Up and Away: Mastering the 1 Step Up-Do

America’s Next Top Model veteran, Ya Ya Dacosta, has been strutting down runways, television shows and red carpets with hot style begging for attention. She never ceases to wow us with her natural, yet elegant look. As spring begins to show its face, reach for your hair pins to pull together a simple up-do that can take any look, casual or dressy, to whole new heights.

In the word’s of Willow Smith, “Whip Your Hair! No Matter If It’s Long Short, Do It, Whip Your Hair!” Ya ya’s look is easily attainable with the following items:

  • Handful (5-6) bobby pins
  • Light oil moisturizer
  • Brush

Step 1: Brush hair into upwards strokes, smoothing sides with the palm of your hands. Decide which side of your face you would like your hair to fall (right or left)

Step 2: Twist the back of your hair into a flat roll to give tautness to the hair and secure with 2-3 bobby pins.

Step 3: Fan out the excess hair on top to flatter your face

Step 4: Spray a light oil moisturizer on hair to give it a boost of shine

Take tips from Ya Ya with simple makeup and detailed earrings. For a luminous glow, add bronzer to your face, neck and shoulders. This look should take you less than five minutes and adds instant-glam without being a time buster!

What is your favorite up-do style? Tell us how to achieve it!

Love and Beauty,


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