UP AND COMING COUTURE: Fringe Fest Finalists

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 6:52 pm
  • May 26, 2011

Fyodor Golan Fringe Sketch

It’s always exciting when the newest of the new names in the fashion world start making themselves known in the ranks of couture. Well on their way are the three finalists in London’s Fashion Fringe competition, so remember these names: Fyodor Golan, Heidi Leung and Nabil El Nayal.

The competitions illustrious judges this year include Roland Mouret and Claudia Schiffer who’s goal it is to select the winner for not only his or her innovative design work, but also for their technical ability – which will be no small feat, considering the three semi-finalists have both of these in spades.

“It was really quite an amazing session,” Fashion Fringe judge Roland Mouret said. “The people we have chosen are really talented. They are rising stars!”

“The standard has been exceptionally high,” fellow judge Claudia Schiffer added, “but there were key semi-finalists who stood out with their creativity and innovation. It will be very exciting to see their work in September.”

What’s at stake, in addition to the prestige, is that finalists will receive studio space and business mentoring over the summer as they prepare capsule collections to present at London Fashion Week in September. After that, one finalist will be chosen as the overall winner, and receive two years of support as they build their labels, making their ascent to the top much more luxurious.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more news from these up-n-comers who are sure to dazzle come September.

“This year’s shortlist was so much more creative and experimental,” Roy Peach, Dean of London College of Fashion Graduate School, said in a statement. “The finalists will challenge the boundaries of what people expect from Fashion Fringe.”

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