Urban Decay’s Good vs. Evil Cosmetics Nod To Oz

As any modern-day, self-respecting, box-office blockbuster, Oz The Great and Powerful didn’t do it alone. Instead it paired up with makeup heavy Urban Decay on a limited-edition makeup palette. Inspired by the films special effects and three glamo-rama witches — Glinda, Theodora, and Evanora — the cosmetics come in two collectable tins with six pop-out pans of eight color saturated shadows, a 24/7 glide on eye pencil and high gloss lip color. The idea — obvious if you’ve seen the film — is good vs. evil and the makeup is no different with a nod to Glinda in ethereal shades of purple, peach, silvery shimmer and pale gray, or a nod to Theodora in metallic gold, browns, dark satin black and greens. So click your heels three times and say… there’s no place like Sephora, there’s no place like Sephora, there’s no place like Sephora and voila! You’ll be half-way there!

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