Vaseline: A multi-tasking must-have

If you’re anything like us your cosmetics cabinet is a smorgasborg of beauty products, some of which you’ve spent a pretty penny for. But being beautiful needn’t always bust your bank account. Sometimes the best beauty must have is something you likely already have — Vaseline.

A first aid kit staple, Vaseline is making it’s way onto the makeup hot list as beauty bloggers tout it’s iconic formula for skin, eyes and lips. Oh sure, it’s still great for treating burns, diaper rash and irritated skin, but petroleum jelly is also a great hydrator (it keeps moisture sealed in), lusciously glossy lip balm, and is handy in helping insert earrings through a stubborn pierced ear.

Did someone say highlighter? A sought after luminous glow can be had by lightly dabbing Vaseline onto your cheekbones. And you can skip the mascara by applying the iconic goo to your lash line for more voluminous and longer looking lashes.

Eye makeup removal is a breeze with petroleum jelly and will prevent harmful tugging and smoothing Vaseline over your brows can tame even the most unruly over-the-eye fringe.

And speaking of fringe, you can mask dry, frizzy split ends by lightly smoothing petroleum jelly over them until you can schedule in a trim.

So for today’s must-have, we nominate an ultra-multi-tasking and super affordable tub of Vaseline. You’re welcome.

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