Victoria’s Secret To Go Green

It seems it’s getting ever-more fashionable to go green!

On the heels of H&M’s new recycling initiative, and promises by retail giants Zara and Mango, and Esprit to eliminate toxic chemicals from the production of their products by 2020, comes another big name — the Limited-owned Victoria’s Secret has jumped aboard this earth-friendly train with a promise that 2020 is the year that they too will go green.

To be fair — like the others, they did have a little nudge.

The lingerie brand was outed, along with retailers like Zara and Mango, as being a “major source of toxic pollution” by Greenpeace’s recent “Toxic Threads” report, which claims that the companies use toxic and cancer-causing chemicals in the production of consumer apparel — that had to hurt.

Victoria’s Secret announced its intention to go green via press release with a Limited representative adding,”Limited Brands considers clean water as a critical global issue, and is proud to join Greenpeace in its campaign to eliminate hazardous chemical use.”



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