Vogue Editors Take A Stand To Support Healthy Bodies

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With anorexia being the new “black” in the fashion industry where curves have typically been on the hit list in favor of boy shapes and visible bones, 18 Vogue editors are finally taking a stand. In the June 2012 issue, fashion royalty and editor Anna Wintour candidly supports the mission of the CDFA’s healthy bodies initiatives in the following statement…

“It’s with great pleasure that I can state that what started locally has now gone global. The eighteen other international Vogue editors and I cosigned a letter that furthers the CFDA’s amazing work by launching a worldwide health initiative, where we’ve committed ourselves to depicting healthy body images in our magazines.” Read the Wintour’s entire letter here.

While Vogue’s past and present efforts are laudable, we’re still seeing less-than healthy models make their way across runways every day. Let’s continue to support mediums that celebrate healthy women, bodies and curves across fashion.



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