Vogue Italia Honors Natural Hair

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Think the natural hair movement is just a fad? Even high fashion magazines like Vogue Italia have caught on to women around the world embracing their textured tresses. While seeing models of color walk the runways of our favorite designers rarely, has there been a model featured in an ad campaign in the past without a wig or a weave.

In an excerpt from writer Nikia Pope on CocoandCreme.com, Pope states:

“In fact, the black model chronicles are regrettably filled with stories about the aimless handling of one’s hair. Left in the hands of hairstylists who are ill-equipped for caring and handling natural hair, black fashion pioneers have recounted tales of their coils and strands being “stretched to their breaking, frayed ends; scalps carelessly permed, harshly scorched, battered with color, and left to be restored by weaves, wigs, and the shearing of frazzled locks.”

These images on the catwalk have reverberated from blogs, editorials and even red carpets in Hollywood (where Viola Davis proudly displayed her TWA) where natural hair is lauded and celebrated. Only time will tell if this trend will span from the catwalk to ads, movies and the like, but the runway is a valiant start.

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