Wearing a Fedora with Bruno Mars

A nice hat can set off any outfit. From the nice fedoras to even a simple fitted baseball cap, they can completely change the look of your entire outfit. Unfortunately, I don’t think most men know how to choose and/or wear hats. Today we will begin with the fedora…

The Fedora: simple, classic, retro, and stylish. These are best worn with a toned down outfit. Maybe even just a White T-shirt or V-neck, some great fitted jeans, and a great pair of vintage or distressed looking dress shoes and you are set.

Bruno Mars wearing a fedora for a Summer look

You can also dress up your fedora a little more in the winter and wear it with a flannel or plaid shirt, a nice leather or biker jacket, great jeans (again of course, one should always have nice jeans), and a nice pair of high distressed boots. Throw in a pair of oversized trendy glasses (excuse me for not knowing the technical term for them) and  you will look like you walked directly off the pages of GQ or like you are going to party in Williamsburg with the hipsters for the night.  They are always the trendsetters and have been wearing this look for a couple of years now.

Bruno Mars in an Autumn/Winter look

Thank you Bruno Mars for providing us with an array of ways to wear this classic hat!

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