Welcome Back: Caboodles!

Caboodles My First Love

If your cosmetics have been pining for a retro place to call their-very-own, you’re in luck.

Remember all of those handy little compartments that held your cherry flavored Lip SmackersWet-n-Wild neon lipstick and glitter-infested hair gel?  Retro makeup case brand Caboodles — remember those genius, tacklebox-like makeup cases that shared the late 80′s zeitgeist with Dirty Dancing, Puffy Paint and memories of the hair metal band’s mass usage of Aqua Net — are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a re-release of their very first Caboodles design every, the My First Love Caboodle.  Inspired by an actual fisherman’s tackle box featured in People magazine as Vanna White’s cosmetics organizer of choice, the My First Love Caboodle is a peach and cream beauty, but with the brand releasing a scant 1,000 of these limited-edition cases — you’ll have to be quick.  Log onto Caboodle’s Facebook page on September 1st, and for $25 it’s yours.

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