What Not To Wear Gets The Boot

If you find yourself wondering what to wear today… here is some sad news. After ten years of helping style-impaired Americans get some fashion sense, TLC’s beloved What Not to Wear has been canceled. No longer will we watch as the shows hosts Clinton Kelley and Stacey London reveal the do’s and don’t of style to the masses.

Kelley recently summed up the show’s impact on American fashion to the folks at People magazine, “To be honest, despite our best efforts over the past decade, we only seem to have gotten through to a small (but important) sliver of the population. Walk through any airport in America and you’ll quickly notice that 99 percent of people should have been paying more attention to us. If there’s one thing I wish people would take away from the show, it’s that you don’t have to be rich to look fabulous. When you dress with quiet sophistication and participate in the appropriate trends for your age and body type, you exude confidence and class.”

London took a more positive approach saying, “I do think we’ve gotten a lot of people to hem their jeans and wear jackets, dark wash jeans and pointy toe shoes!”

Now back to the closets, folks.


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