What’s a Cobbler?

I have recently been purchasing more dress shoes and boots, and for the amount of money that we sometimes spend on them it is necessary to make sure you take care of them. I tend to walk on the sides of my feet and noticed that the shoes wear quickly, so I consulted a friend that told me that the best idea is to go to the cobbler (typically a small shop that sells, shines, and repairs shoes) and get them taken care of. I thought I would share what the cobbler can do for you seiing as though I had no idea what it was until recently:

  • Taps- a metal or plastic tab that goes on the tip or the heel of your shoe. Metal is a little louder and more durable, but plastic will do as well. ($3 per pair)
  • Your soles can eaisly be warped and if consistantly worn that way can cause back trouble. You can actually get a whole new sole sewn on. Do not let them glue it on. ($75 per pair)
  • Heel Pads- If your shoe does not come with shock-absorbing rubber, take them to the cobbler and get a rubber pad put on. This will help them from wearing like mine did. ($10 per pair)
  • Heels are also replaceable. Maybe worth looking into every couple of years with good quality shoes. ($25 per pair)

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