Why We Love Rainy Days!

I woke up this morning and saw that it was raining again and began to get a little excited. Why… you ask? Well, I realized that sometimes I love when it rains because I get to whip out my fun rain duds! A rainy day can easily be transformed into a treat with the right fashion mind! It’s the simple things in life that often times give us the most pleasure. Here are the items that turn my rainy days into sunny days underneath my umbrella!

Umbrella: by Fulton Huntsman ($28)- a simple, yet classic black umbrella with an incredible structure and design. It is bound to look good with any outfit and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Raincoat: by Uniqlo- Light cotton, blue checkered parka ($32). Stylish and fun, with a pop of color (couldn’t find a nice yellow one so feel free to leave suggestions, one can never have too many jackets).

Rain Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs- These come in various colors, and designs (my favorite are below), and never usually exceed $30-$40. They are always stylish, designed simply, and clean- and I am always so excited by the prices on anything from Marc by Marc Jacobs! Pure gluttony!

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