Why We’re Stuck on Gabby Douglas

Olympics Day 6 - Gymnastics - Artistic

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If you haven’t been keeping your eyes on Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, we’re going to have a moment of silence for you. The 16 year old girl from Virginia made history yesterday when she won a gold medal as the first ever African American woman to win in gymnastics. She follows behind bronze medalist Domonique Dawes  who competed in 1996.

According to the DailyNews, Gabby, who was nicknamed “The Flying Squirrel” because of her aerial acrobatics on the uneven bars, also became the first American ever to win the team gold and the all-around gold in the same Olympics.

We’re over-ecstatic about Gabby’s win and all of the praise she’s receiving. The teenager is living a dream she worked hard to achieve since she left her home at the age of 14 to train and pursue her dream of competing in the Olympics. She’s living proof that with hard work and dedication dreams do in fact come true.

Go Gabby, Go!!!




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