Will.I.Am Launches Eco-Friendly Clothing Range

will i am ekocycle

If there is anyone in the entire world that can get people to recycle it’s Black Eyed Peas member Will. I. Am. And he’s on a mission to do just that with the recent announcement of his new partnerships with Coca Cola Ekocycle. The worldwide initiative was launched earlier this year  and the fashion and lifestyle products to accompany the mission were unveiled last night. Part of the mix includes a recycled /post-consumer version of  Beats by Drea head phones.

Will’s ultimate mission? To make recycling and sustainable fashion “cool” to younger generations. Not that they aren’t already concerned about the green economy but hey, Will runs the world so we’re game.

In his quest to make recycling fashionable, the singer/song writer/producer has also signed accessories partnerships with some big name fashion brands including Levi’s, New Era and MCM.

Learn more about the Eckocycle mission and how you can help save the planet on their Facebook Page.

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