William and Kate PUMA’s!!!

In case we don’t post on shoes enough… and in case you haven’t heard enough about the Royal Wedding with William and Kate… Here is something that I found pretty hilarious! I have seen the advertisements for the t.v. specials and Barbara Walters behind the scenes look from the palace. I see poor William and Kate in the tabloids every day and in my morning newspaper. I am not a huge follower of the royal family in general but I do think that the way people obsess about it can be pretty amusing, if not a little crazy. Here is what and obsessed fan (or just someone attempting to garner press in any way possible), would do to celebrate the royal wedding. It looks like “Royal Wedding Customs by Marco” made over a pair of blue suede PUMA’s, and if his goal was to garner press then here he goes. Funny thing is- I really kind of like the shoe! Makes me want to pimp out my shoes! Enjoy!

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