Winter Skin Care Tips

Now that we’ve recovered from an evening of intense parties, weekend Halloween bashes and developing into our alter-ego’s for a few days of gratified celebration, it’s time to prep our skin for the weather ahead.

Don’t let your skin turn dry, gray and ashy due to lack of neglect. With the changing climate and harsh impact on your skin, you’ll need to step up your beauty game to maintain radiant skin all season long.

Here are a few steps for keeping your skin supple and glowing daily:

Step 1: Exfoliate – Mix up your own homemade concoction of brown sugar and olive oil to take with you to the shower. Before you turn on the water, scrub down your good and plentys with the scrub to remove dead skin and slough away extreme dry areas.

Step 2: Moisturize – After a warm shower (don’t make it too hot or the extreme temperature can actually remove natural moisture from the skin) lather on the body butter, olive oil coconut oil or shea butter nice and thick for added hydration. Cover your feet with warm, comfy socks to lock in the moisture and allow it to penetrate over night.

Step 3: Supplements – Stay up on your vitamin game for daily internal nutrition that will keep your hair, skin and nails looking fierce and flawless. Also try out fish oils for great omega-3s and Vitamin D for natural radiance.

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