YSL Offers Up Facebook Eye Palette In Exchange For Your LIKE

With social media’s virtual take-over of the advertising and marketing world, you’d be hard-pressed to find any label that’s without a presence on the internet’s main meet-up place, Facebook.  We have to admit, however, that we were caught off guard by reports that luxury label Yves Saint Laurentor is it Saint Laurent Paris — want to reward its ardent admirers with something special in exchange for your coveted LIKE.

YSL Facebook Eyeshadow Palette

It seems YSL has created a limited-edition “Facebook” eye palette to be offered exclusively to YSL‘s Facebook fans. The palette will include four shades of shadow, including FB’s signature blue and white — and lest you fear your friends won’t recognize your YSL FB Friends status, the compact is designed in FB blue with YSL‘s logo and a special message just for you, “Devoted to Fans.”  The palette is set to go on sale on the 19th of this month (07/19/12), and will run you around $60.  And with only 1650 of them being produced, it’s probably best to sign on now and give the couture label your LIKE — ’cause apparently they really, really want it.

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