Zara Faces Allegations of “Slave-Like” Labor in Brazilian Factory

It’s always really disheartening when our favorite companies are found supporting unethical conditions. I write about Zara often as an affordable alternative to much more expensive apparel brands, this may make me think twice before recommending them first. One of the suppliers for Zara located in  São Paulo, Brazil has been accused of “slave-like” conditions and child labor according to the Bureau of Labor and Employment. Zara has been charged with over 52 infractions by the Bureau with the possibility of at least 30 more factories under similar conditions as the one found.

When first investigated in May, the factory was found with 52 people working in unsanitary conditions. The investigation continued last month and the bureau uncovered “15 foreign workers from Bolivia and Peru, including a 14-year-old girl, working under slave-like conditions”. The employees were said to have been housed in a space with little to no windows, and were forced to regularly work 16 hour shifts without the option of leaving, and all the employees made far less than minimum wage to boot.

“We will strengthen the supervision of the production system of all its suppliers in the country to ensure that such cases do not occur again.” says Zara’s parent company Inditex.

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