Zegna Opens 3D Online Boutique

That idea of the future that we all had when we were kids from watching shows like the Jetsons is quickly becoming our present! I find it very fascinating to see how fashion evolves with the future as well. Take the Ermenegildo Zegna store for example, they are launching a very kool new site that will basically be virtually replicating in 3-D, a two-story brick-and-mortar store.

When customers enter the service, they’ll be greeted in the entryway by model/actress Milla Jovovich, who will explain to customers how to navigate the new E-commerce site. They give you an entire life like experience with rooms to wander around in, and stairs to climb. The store was constructed with Hollywood-based visual-effects specialist James Lima, who consulted on the 3-D blockbuster “Avatar.” Computer graphics in three dimensions were used to make the store look “photo-real” as the e-store offers visitors a real-life spatial, visual and experiential shopping experience using immersive 3-D technology.

This seems to be some pretty legit effects which may make Zegna online a definite  to put on your favorites list. The future may see us all shopping online similarly to this, since everything is moving online, and it cuts the overhead cost of physically opening a store.

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